At Markham Christian Community Church, we hold that children are precious gifts from God.  As such, our Children Ministry strive to achieve these objectives: 


  • Help children develop positive attitudes toward the worship of God and encourage them to actively participate in it.
  • Teach children to understand biblical truths and guide them to obey God’s word in their walks in life.
  • Help children discover their gifts as God has given them and develop their skills to better serve God.
  • Encourage children to serve and help them grow in their love for God through seeing God’s love for them.
  • Help children see that God loves all people and provide them with the abilities to help others know God for themselves.


  1. Children Worship
  2. Children Sunday School
  3. Harvest Festival
  4. Evangelistic Programs
  5. Good Friday and Easter Sunday Program
  6. Christmas Program
  7. Mission Conference
  8. Summer Reading Program
  9. Vacation Bible School
  10. Summer Out Door Activities
Let us work together to build up our next generation!